May 1991 Issue

Willie Nelson in his motor coach on February 5, 1991, listening to the IRS Tapes after his property was seized by the agency.
On the Cover

Poor Willie

When the IRS seized all that Willie Nelson had, it was a case of the man who can’t say no meeting the men who won’t take no for an answer.


Armed and Considered Dangerous

The only thing scarier than facing a great pitcher is facing a hothead like Roger Clemens.



Mood Indigo

Head for the hills: Texas has a bumper crop of bluebonnets this year.

State Fare: Lemon Sole With Champagne Sauce

Thierry Burkle’s L’Etoile is a guiding light in French country cooking. The smart neighborhood brasserie succeeds because of a constellation of moderately priced, well-thought-out offerings, including this lemon sole.The mild fish is perfectly suited to a special-occasion dressing up. With a bread-crumb crust as a toasty counterpoint, the moist and



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