October 1995


Swami Dearest

Sep 30, 1995 By Jeannie Ralston

In the Hill Country, what was once the hallowed ranch of Walter Prescott Webb is now the sacred site of a mammoth new Hindu temple—and the home of a controversial ashram called Barsana Dham.

Reversal of Fortune

Sep 30, 1995 By Helen Thorpe

Boone Pickens and his protege, David Batchelder, built Mesa Petroleum into an energy giant. Now Pickens’ empire is crumbling and his former aide is leading the charge against him.

Raving On

Sep 30, 1995 By Gary Cartwright

Two decades after he played the role of his life in The Buddy Holly Story, Gary Busey’s hero worship has made him his own worst enemy.


Walker, Texas Writer

Sep 30, 1995 By Anne Dingus

Mary Willis Walker’s mysteries aren’t exactly original, but she crafts real moments of tension. That’s why they sell so well and win so many awards.


Time for a Change

Sep 30, 1995 By Anne Dingus

Texas Monthly sports a brand-new look this month. The thorough resesign includes many reader-friendly changes, which were overseen by deputy editor Evan Smith, art director D. J. Stout, and associate art director Nancy McMillen. Around the State, for example was reorganized by city instead of subject, and State Fare was…

State Fare

Jan 20, 2013 By Patricia Sharpe

For more than a year, Houston’s cafe society has been holding its breath in anticipation of the scheduled September reopening of Tony’s (1801 Post Oak Boulevard). Not only has the interior been lavishly remodeled to suggest a restaurant on the Italian Riviera, but owner Tony Vallone and chef Mark Cox…



Seared Halibut

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Recipe from Tony’s, Houston. Lentils 1 cup green lentils cheesecloth, 6 inches square 12 parsley stems 1 bay leaf 1 sprig thyme 2 whole cloves salt to taste 4 cups chicken stock Rinse lentils, removing pebbles. Cover with water and simmer 5 minutes.