November 1979


Trial by Water

Nov 1, 1979 By Giles Tippette

Marathon canoe racing is the toughest sport in Texas. It’s tougher than bull riding, more grueling than pro football. The canoeists say that’s why it’s fun.

Funky Hotels

Nov 1, 1979 By Richard West

Why subject yourself to the dreariness of impersonal, prefab hotels when these country hostelries are just down the road?

Grand Indulgences

Nov 1, 1979 By Cyndy Severson

Whether you have $2 to spend or $25,000, our Christmas gist selections show how to have a wonderfully indulgent holiday.

The New Apartment Slums

Nov 1, 1979 By Kaye Northcott

Behind the gleaming faÃ�ades of many new apartment villages are the crumbling walls of next year’s urban blight.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Nov 1, 1979 By Paul Burka

Texas Democrats run scared over Teddy; Arkansas bigwigs cry foul over gas lease; Mexican diplomats make waves over salt water.


Country Notes
Kindred Spirits

Nov 1, 1979 By John Graves

Don’t both with séances or clairvoyants. There is a much better way to contact the shades of the past.

Classical Music

Nov 1, 1979 By W. L. Taitte

The leaders of Houston and Dallas symphony orchestras start off the season with two perplexing concert series.

The Little Red Warehouse

Nov 1, 1979 By Michael Ennis

Institutional green walls and stuffy classrooms are not a part of Houston architect Eugene Aubry’s Awty School design.

Over There

Nov 1, 1979 By George Morris

Filmmakers flub: Schlesinger’s Yanks, Fellini’s Orchestra Rehearsal, and Jewison’s—And Justice for All.