November 1983


Pieces of the Puzzle

Nov 1, 1983 By Texas Monthly

November 22, 1963. Oswald tells Dallas reporters, “I’m just a patsy.” Denies shooting JFK. December 1963. Mark Lane publishes “Lane’s Defense Brief for Lee Harvey Oswald.” March 1964. First suggestion of a “second Oswald” by Leo Sauvage in Commentary. Spring 1964. Enter the European critics with Joachim Joesten’s Oswald: Assassin…

They Can’t All Be Right

Nov 1, 1983 By Texas Monthly

Washing Machine Theory. Oswald’s reconciliation with Marina on eve of assassination thwarted when they argue about buying a washing machine. Rejected and distraught, he kills the president. KGB Sleeper Theory. Early Warren Commission critic Edward J. Epstein shifts his ground in Legend: the Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald. He…

Still on the Case

Nov 1, 1983 By ronrosenbaum

Assassination buffs come in all shapes and convictions—archivists, technologists, mob-hit theorists, and more—but they are all obsessed with Lee Harvey Oswald, and his crime is the focus of their lives.


Nov 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Texas: land of contrast. That’s why we have double-barreled businesses like a feedstore cum twirling school or a combo junkyard-wildlife preserve.

Fantasy Island

Nov 1, 1983 By Joseph Nocera

It’s a high-rise developer’s dream. Houston’s old guard wants to turn 34 acres of downtown warehouses into an island of classy shops and pricey condos. They thought they had it wired, until Kathy Whitmire was elected mayor.


State Secrets

Nov 1, 1983 By Paul Burka

The Supreme Court scores one for Texas against the Yankees; blame the recession on InterFirst; why Phil Gramm makes a great Republican; an oil squabble matches the greedy little independents against poor, starving Big Oil.


A Surfeit of Bimbos

Nov 1, 1983 By Rod Davis

In The Desert Rose Larry McMurtry’s heroines never blossom into believable women. The Franchise is a tough tale about graft and the gridiron.

Duel for the Sun

Nov 1, 1983 By Fryar Calhoun

Crosbytown and Texas Tech wanted to harvest a major local resource: the sun. But then the feds stepped in, and the issue switched from energy to power.

Cool Minds in a Hot War

Nov 1, 1983 By James Wolcott

Nick Nolte is a journalist dodging bullets and political involvement in Under Fire. The Right Stuff is about Americans, space, and manifest destiny. The Big Chill is a warm look at the cooling of sixties idealism.