February 1989


Chip Ahoy

Feb 1, 1989 By Joe Nick Patoski

A new gambling-cruise-ship enterprise out of Port Isabel makes it possible to spend an evening in a casino while going nowhere in the Gulf.

A Dirty, Rotten Mess

Feb 1, 1989 By Emily Yoffe

Every day each of us contributes five pounds to the growing mountain of garbage. Now the mountain looks like a volcano that’s threatening to erupt.

“I’m A Nazi Until Death”

Feb 1, 1989 By Rod Davis

Out of work, at loggerheads with their parents, and under constant police surveillance since they turned to an alien ideology, Dallas’ radical skinheads remain defiant.

The Wooing of Chairman Wang

Feb 1, 1989 By Peter Elkind

The decision by a Chinese plastics company to build a billion-dollar plant in Texas proves that economic development works—but it comes at a high price.

The Lost Tribe

Feb 1, 1989 By Stephen Harrigan

They were the classic Texas Indians—fierce, majestic, and free. Today’s Comanches find their lives defined by legends and bitter truths.


State Secrets
No TASP, No Play

Feb 1, 1989 By Paul Burka

A competency test for colleges; gauging the governor’s race; hard times at Hermann Hospital; what on earth was George Bush thinking about?


This is Now

Feb 1, 1989 By Alison Cook

Looking forward to Jerry Jeff Walker’s second Luckenbach, looking into a new way to settle feuds, and looking back over the career of Texas’ most prolific unknown author.


Popular Music
Blithe Spirit

Feb 1, 1989 By Joe Nick Patoski

It took a bit of coaxing, but when R. T. Williams finally sat down at the piano again, the Grey Ghost came back to life.

Jailhouse Hock

Feb 1, 1989 By Patricia Hart

Bill Clements’ ambitious—and expensive—prison-expansion plan is only a tiny first step toward escaping the overcrowding problem.