February 1988


The Banker’s Lament

Feb 1, 1988 By Patricia Sharpe

Everybody loved Susi Tucker when she was giving money away. Now the notes are due, and the good feelings are in escrow.

The Promised Land

Feb 1, 1988 By Drew Jubera

Can a New York employee of J.C. Penney find happiness amid the hustle and bustle of Plano?

Called to Care

Feb 1, 1988 By Richard West

A friend’s illness propelled a Baptist minister from a life or though to a life of action.

Dean’s Beans

Feb 1, 1988 By Alison Cook

The Mansion chef’s most redolent recipe came from Sunday suppers at his grandmother’s house.

A Test of Character

Feb 1, 1988 By Paul Burka

Triumphing over adversity is the story of Texas. We’d better be able to do it again.

The Seven-Year Hitch

Feb 1, 1988 By Emily Yoffe

In 1981 these romances made the Dallas Morning News. We find out who’s loving happily every after.

My Wife’s Husband

Feb 1, 1988 By Stephen Harrigan

We were in love in a way I didn’t quite trust. There was nothing grand or electric about it, just a steady, deepening insistence.

Flying Solo

Feb 1, 1988 By Mimi Swartz

With a mother in one city and a father in another, Audrey Reynolds took to the air.

An Old Five-and-Dimer

Feb 1, 1988 By Gary Cartwright

My Mad Dog days behind me, I’ve found contentment with young jackanapes at my feet and the girl of my dreams beside me.

Cafe Queen

Feb 1, 1988 By sallybivins

Amarillo’s best waitress can dish it out and serve it up too.

Now For the Weather

Feb 1, 1988 By Dick Reavis

When a rural Texas says, “It looks like rain,” he’s really meditating on the nature of the universe.


You and Us
You and Us

Feb 1, 1988 By Gregory Curtis

In 1973, from an office we shared with a colony of bats, we started a magazine about Texas.