January 1974


Temple of Cloth

Jan 1, 1974 By Suzanne O'Malley

The Apparel Mart in Dallas clothes Middle America. Their merchandise may not win many fashion awards, but it sells, and sells, and sells.

God Goes to the Astrodome

Jan 1, 1974 By Thorne Dreyer

A fat 15-year-old inaugurated 1000 years of peace in Houston this fall. Don't look now, but the people you went to college with may be following him.

We the People…

Jan 1, 1974 By Griffin Smith Jr.

When we write a constitution for the first time in almost 100 years, everyone wants a piece of the pie. In spite of it all, the new draft turned out to be an improvement. Now it's the legislature's turn.



Jan 1, 1974 By Texas Monthly

Modern Art In Houston Since its establishment in Dallas 6 years ago, the Janie C. Lee Gallery has been known for showing the most celebrated of contemporary American artists. In mid-December, they opened a Houston branch that promises more of the same. The initial show is a group exhibition…

Briar Patch

Jan 1, 1974 By Prudence Mackintosh, Wendy Meyer and Beverly Lowry

THE DECLINE AND FALL OF LUNAR ROYALTY IT WASN’T EXACTLY ONE GIANT step for womankind, but from all reports this was one exploration NASA’s Director Christopher Columbus Kraft found not worth smiling about. Odds are that 1973’s Lunar Landing Festival Beauty Contest was not only the first such endeavor by…


Dining In
Cebollas and Champagne

Jan 1, 1974 By Linda Eckhardt

Tex-Mex food is as indigenous to Texas as beefsteak. Here are some recipes which will water your eyes and wow your guests.

Children's Corner
Guide for Big-City Kids

Jan 1, 1974 By Prudence Mackintosh

Mothers and fathers in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston can explore an exciting concept with their children: the city as playground.

Behind the Lines
Behind the Lines

Jan 1, 1974 By Paul Burka

INMATES OF THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT of Corrections have made 181 new desks for about $34 a desk. Rockford Furniture Associates of Austin has fashioned matching chairs for $180 a chair. A new electronic voting board has been installed for $33,500 ($200 more than the total cost for the chairs). These…