June 1978


Little Bruisers

May 31, 1978 By Jan Reid

Fighters from all over Texas slug it out in the Golden Gloves; for most, that’s the only gold they’ll ever see.

Happy Trails To You

May 31, 1978 By Richard West

Forget the San Jacinto Monument and the Alamo. Here are trails that will lead you to Lee Harvey Oswald’s can opener, tranquil country cemeteries, the world’s largest jackrabbit, peanut butter pie, and even more.


Dining Out
Currying Flavor

May 31, 1978 By W. L. Taitte

If you think lamb korma is a wooly creature with good vibes, you’ve got a lot to learn about Indian food.



Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1978 By John Bloom

Taking on the Shah of Iran in Beeville; trying to save an eaglet in Waco; juggling sex in Galveston; flipping the switch on nuclear power; and fighting panjic at monstrous DFW Airport.