March 2014 Issue


Knowing My Place

Woodland Heights may not be the fanciest neighborhood in Houston, or the quietest, or the coolest (and it can be a little full of itself), but it’s mine.


A Question of Mercy

In 1998 famously tough Montague County district attorney Tim Cole sent a teenager to prison for life for his part in a brutal murder. The punishment haunts him to this day.

Mission to Mars

Rob Thomas was just looking for a way to breathe life into his beloved-but-canceled TV show Veronica Mars. He might have ended up changing the movie business.

A Dictionary of Charcuterie . . .

Bresaola A beef eye of round, salt-cured and aged for several months.Coppa Marbled pork neck muscle, salt-cured and aged for several months.Lardo Pork back fat rubbed with salt and aromatics and aged for several months.Lonzino A whole pork loin, salt-cured and aged for several months.Mortadella A finely


The Texanist

Our estimable advice columnist on how to talk to kids about edible pets, whether Plano is pretentious, what constitutes a “major” city, and more.




St. Vincent Bares All

Dallas's Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) on her new album, the “weird high harmonics" of the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, and the there's-nothing-in-the-world-quite-like-it quality of a Texas sky.

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