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Where to Eat Now 2014

From fine dining to local beer, the Texas food scene is exploding with more energy, innovation, and sophistication than ever before. Come along as we hunt down the best new restaurants.


A Dictionary of Charcuterie . . .

Bresaola A beef eye of round, salt-cured and aged for several months.Coppa Marbled pork neck muscle, salt-cured and aged for several months.Lardo Pork back fat rubbed with salt and aromatics and aged for several months.Lonzino A whole pork loin, salt-cured and aged for several months.Mortadella A finely

Mission to Mars

Rob Thomas was just looking for a way to breathe life into his beloved-but-canceled TV show Veronica Mars. He might have ended up changing the movie business.

Time Cole at the Belknap Creek bridge, where Heather Rich's body was found.

A Question of Mercy

In 1998 famously tough Montague County district attorney Tim Cole sent a teenager to prison for life for his part in a brutal murder. The punishment haunts him to this day.

Knowing My Place

Woodland Heights may not be the fanciest neighborhood in Houston, or the quietest, or the coolest (and it can be a little full of itself), but it’s mine.



St. Vincent Bares All

Dallas's Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) on her new album, the “weird high harmonics" of the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, and the there's-nothing-in-the-world-quite-like-it quality of a Texas sky.



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