July 1988 Issue



One Tough Yankee Banker

Deadlines came and deadlines went, and Bob Abboud still could not seal the deal to bail out First City. But with his ego and $1 billion plus on the line, he’d be damned if he’d back down first.


The Meanest River

Yes, it’s muddy, it’s treacherous, and it smells bad enough to gag a skunk; but it’s also the only thing between us and Oklahoma.


Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

Attention, tightwads! Act now! Sits to nuts—the big bang for the little buck! Check out our super-savin’, dollar-bustin’ bible of buys! Everything must go! (Offer available in Texas only.)



State Secrets

State Secrets

Go to junior college and see the world; the U.S. Supreme Court looks askance on Texas’ legal bills; a Hispanic political institution at the crossroads; does George Bush have coattails?


Domain Supplement

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