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May 1980


The Beat

Apr 30, 1980 By Jan Reid

Two average, middle-class men risk injury and death patrolling the roughest streets in Dallas. Why do they do it? Because they love the job.


Chief of Staff

Apr 30, 1980 By W. L. Taitte

A Dallas composer is reviving medieval music in a modern context, while two new classical groups attempt a chamber music renaissance.

Striking the Set

Apr 30, 1980 By Texas Monthly

The Alley mourns the passing of Nina Vance; outlanders rustle a Texas-trained playwright; in Houston, Stages spends a Night on Bare Mountain and Hank Williams appears at the Tower.

Southern Discomfort

Apr 30, 1980 By George Morris

John Huston makes the sinners and saviors of Flannery O’Connor’s fiction eerily real in Wise Blood; Little Miss Marker falls short; Nijinsky falls flat.


State Secrets

Apr 30, 1980 By Paul Burka

Plaguing the Panhandle; rebuking the Washington Post; slaughtering the Beeferendum; lusting after the Speakership.


A Dog’s Life

Apr 30, 1980 By Gene Lyons

Fighting over a black neighborhood in Austin; corralling the irascible Bull of the Brazos; fussing and feuding with the DAR; monkeying around with the San Antonio Zoo.