May 1974


Spinal Strategists

Apr 30, 1974 By Martha Hume

Vibrating vertebrae is not a disease; it is either a cure or not a cure. Our reporter turned her back to the whole subject.


Behind the Lines

Apr 30, 1974 By William Broyles

On a warm March morning we went looking for the grave of my great-great-grandmother Nancy Daugherty. My mother had visited the grave more than 40 years before, and remembered only that it was near the capitol and that a small iron fence encircled the plot. We found the grave amid…


Consumer Aid for Fort Worth

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

This month’s H. Rap Brown “Power to the People” award is shared by the Fort Worth Junior Bar and the Council of Jewish Women for making it possible, through donations, for Tarrant County to have one of Attorney General John Hill’s regional consumer protection offices. The funds will pay for…

Houston TV Ratings War

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Fade in, interior six p.m. news set, long shot. As the picture comes closer, the familiar anchormen are relaxed and exchanging easy glances, preparing to bring you the latest news, sports, and weather. If you are standing close to the producer, you can hear the purr of his ulcer as…

Connally Stumps Ohio

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

From former Dallas Times Herald reporter Tracey Smith comes this report of former governor John Connally on the banquet circuit in Bowling Green, Ohio. Smith is a Kiplinger Journalism Fellow at Ohio State University. Like other converts to a new faith, John B. Connally has become rabidly dogmatic in professing…

Trolleys for Austin

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Austin, a city of great natural beauty, with the Colorado River gliding by south of downtown and the pleasing congruence of hills and lakes flanking its west side, has a unique chance to beautify and humanize its central business district. Led by architect David Graeber, the East Sixth Conservation Society…

Folk Medicine for Fort Worth

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

True to its own particular, relaxed style of life, Fort Worth was a late participant in the city festival field. For years, Tyler has held its Rose Festival; San Antonio, its Fiesta; El Paso, its Charro Days, and Austin, its Aqua Festival. Houston and Dallas have long since become too…

Texas Writers Recognized

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Recently at a banquet at the Sheraton-Fort Worth, the Texas Institute of Letters announced its 1973 awards for literary excellence. Here are the winners: . . . The Carr P. Collins Award for the best nonfiction book: Lewis L. Gould for Progressives and Prohibitionists, Texas Democrats in the Wilson Era.

Dallas Radio Goes Public

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Beginning at the end of May or early June, Dallasites will have a new and unique radio station. KERA-FM, 90.1 on the dial, will be the city’s first public radio outlet and will provide a welcome relief from the inane, shrill banter of jingles and jive from the top-40 jocks…

NBC Moves Uptown

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Now that the Skylab space project is finished, NBC has moved from its cubicle at the Nassau Motor Hotel across from NASA to new offices at 4615 Southwest Freeway. They are only ten minutes from their affiliate station, KPRC-TV, where they can use Channel 2’s nine projectors, eight videotape machines,…

Low Talk

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

Ben Barnes’ decision to reenter politics is not a question of whether to, but of which party. Fort Worth attorney and Barnes’ closest friend Dee J. Kelly, says of the top vote-getter in Texas: “it is not a question of running again, but of which party to run in. He’s…

The Avalon Drug Store

Apr 30, 1974 By Richard West

On a Saturday morning in January, 1971, three days before the inauguration of Governor Preston Smith and Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes, the then-Assistant US Attorney Theo Pinson strolled into Houston’s Avalon Drug Store after a toot on the town, a bit disheveled but still resplendent in his midnight blue tuxedo,…