November 1980


The Ultimate Sport

Nov 1, 1980 By Giles Tippette

Polo? It’s passé. Big game hunting? Humdrum. It’s the pursuit of the wily blue marlin that admits men to the world’s most exclusive club.


Classical Music
How to Succeed in Opera

Nov 1, 1980 By Alan Rich

At his school in Austria, Texas singer Richard Owens acquaints opera hopefuls with a bravo new world.

On the Rebound

Nov 1, 1980 By Tom Walker

After a sloppy 1979-80 season, the San Antonio Spurs had no coach, no center, and no end to their problems. But all that has changed.

Free Agent

Nov 1, 1980 By Prudence Mackintosh

Nostalgic daddies think of schoolboy football as good, clean fun. But kids soon realize it’s more like corporal punishment.

Putting on Heirs

Nov 1, 1980 By George Morris

The story of Howard Hughes and the discredited “Mormon will” is the unlikely subject of a quirky film about rags and out-of-reach riches. Ordinary People is full of woe; Stardust Memories has far to go.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Nov 1, 1980 By Paul Burka

A ground swell of support for booting Howard Cosell; here come the judges; who will fill the UT power vacuum.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Nov 1, 1980 By Gene Lyons

Gas pipeline companies are devouring Lee County; border plasma clinics beckon poor Mexicans; oh, deer, what can the matter be?