June 1982


His Name Was Forrest Bess

May 31, 1982 By Michael Ennis

He was wildly eccentric, he lived in a shanty on the Gulf, he subsisted as a bait fisherman, he had bizarre notions of eternal life. He may have been the best artist Texas has ever produced.

Growing Up Fast

May 31, 1982 By Gary Cartwright

Every parent with a teenage kid knows the fears: drinking, drugs, and rebellion. For the Cartwrights, those fears all came true.

Big River

May 31, 1982 By John Graves

A photographic tour of the timeless Rio Grande, from its origins in the mountains of Colorado to the Padre Island dunes at the tip of Texas.


Mustard Seeds

May 31, 1982 By William Martin

Ninety-four per cent of Americans believe in God. That and other gleanings from recent polls reveal that the nation’s faith is stronger than ever.

Hands Across The Ocean

May 31, 1982 By W. L. Taitte

British playwright Alan Ayckbourn dropped in on his American cousins at Houston’s Alley Theatre and directed the U.S. premiere of his latest and most innovative work.

Popular Music
Twelve-Pack To Go

May 31, 1982 By Pepi Plowman

A dozen new releases by everyone from the late, legendary Janis Joplin to rising star Rodney Crowell to perennial favorite Waylon Jennings.

Cool Blue And Dangerous

May 31, 1982 By James Wolcott

Diva is about opera, punks, and philosophy. Oh, and young love. And bootlegging, too. Then there’s the chase scene.... The British film The Long Good Friday is a bloody good deception of the underworld. Cat people is a dog.

The Proving Ground

May 31, 1982 By Jim Atkinson

Probation gives criminals a chance to show society that they can stay straight. Probation officers like Jan Purdom believe the system works.


State Secrets
State Secrets

May 31, 1982 By Paul Burka

Detroit attacks Houston; UT defends agains the NCAA; Texas loses 59 parks to Reaganomics; voter apathy—who cares?


Texas Monthly Reporter

May 31, 1982 By Peter Applebome

The secret of making money; the cutest vandals you ever saw; the lowdown on high tech; the little trains that couldn’t; the champ with shear magic.