September 1994 Issue

On the Cover

Hakeem Olajuwon

All-star, MVP, and now champion.


The Texas Twenty

Because they are talented at what they do. Because they made a difference this year. Because they reflect the state of our state. Here are twenty Texans you need to know.



Chemical Warfare

When diesel fumes, power lines, and even his wedding ring made a Dallas man faint, he knew he had a big problem.


Rave On

The world’s leading expert on rock legend Buddy Holly, Bill Griggs is alive and well and living in the fifties.

A Good Sport

By all rights, Oilers coach Jack Pardee should be the most respected Texan in football. Instead, his days may be numbered.



Ready to Burn

Among the nation’s highest fire risks, the Austin area needs to extinguish its volunteer protection.


Wise Blood

From one stain, Dusty Hesskew can solve a murder. That’s why he is Texas’ top blood detective.

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