May 1986


How Bad Were They?

Apr 30, 1986 By douglassstclairsmith

Larry Buchanan made movies that were so cheap, so incredibly flawed, and so dumb, they’re lovingly celebrated as the worst movies ever made. And he made them all in Dallas.

UT Versus A&M

Apr 30, 1986 By Peter Elkind

They’re the oldest foes and the biggest rivals. Now the contest has moved into the arena that really counts—the classroom.

The Quest That Fizzled

Apr 30, 1986 By Peter Elkind

Everyone agreed it was time for greatness at UT. But after a nationwide search for a new president, the only man the regents could agree on was a campus insider who professed no great vision at all.

Summer’s First Stand

Apr 30, 1986 By Susan Kennard

Yesterday those onions and carrots were in the ground. Today they’re on your table, thanks to Texas’ bountiful roadside fruit and vegetable stands.



State Secrets

Apr 30, 1986 By Paul Burka

A boondoggle for coal means more trouble for natural gas; the Houston Chronicle doesn’t rate with HL&P; defense lawyers judge a judge.



Southern Discomfort

Apr 30, 1986 By Jan Reid

Bobby Jack Nelson—roughneck, cowhand, prospector, and Australian talk show host—is also a fine novelist; Larry L. King writes about writing.

Pokey Romance

Apr 30, 1986 By James Wolcott

A Room With a View takes in edifying sights; Gung Ho settles for schmaltz; Just Between Friends makes glib chat.