August 1986 Issue

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The National Car of Texas

It’s big, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it eats gas, it’s the Suburban.




Texas, In Short

The characters in Prize Stories and South by Southwest often dwell on the past while living out their lives in an anxious present.


Dagwood As D.A.

Legal Eagles is guilty of being humdrum and hokey; Mona Lisa has some fine, gracing touches; Vagabond finds purity within the dirtiest packaging.


The Quidnunc

The Quidnunc

Desperately seeking the Cadillac Couch; reading Carolyn Farb’s mail; cowboy cologne strikes again.

State Secrets

State Secrets

A cap for San Antonio that wouldn’t look good on Henry Cisneros; long-term pessimism hits the oil market; Texas cities finagle their way around the tax reform.



Elliott’s is the Louvre of hardware stores—it’s got flyshooters, fan blades, and three aisles of screws. In other words, it’s heaven.

Post-Modern Times

Post-Modern Times

UT is testing this device that works like a BB gun, only it’s a little more powerful—it’ll be able to shatter a Soviet warhead speeding through space.


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