February 1984 Issue


Western Art

This story is from Texas Monthly’s archives. We have left the text as it was originally published to maintain a clear historical record. Read more here about our archive digitization project. From 1983 to 1986, Texas Monthly’s regular feature, “Western Art,” highlighted artists’ takes on the classic


Venetian Finds

Five Texas artists are among those selected for “Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained”, this year’s American entry into the Venice Biennale.


Silkwood’s Blight

Dread is the main character in Silkwood; To Be or Not to Be can’t make up its mind; The Dresser is a fussy failure; The Man Who Loved Women doesn’t.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Great expectations for oilmen; sartorial bargains for Brownsville; a medical controversy for Alpine; vexing questions for hunters; the ultimate who’s who for chickens.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Mark White’s campaign promises come back to haunt him; Arthur Temple gets rich(er) off Time Inc.; who got burned when the torch was passed at First City; a Pyhrric victory for the oil industry.

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