January 1981


Rags to Riches

Jan 1, 1981 By Michael Ennis

When buyers and sellers converge on Dallas’s Apparel Mart for a week-long orgy of fashionable commerce, high style and discriminating taste confront the cold reality of the bottom line.


The Contender

Jan 1, 1981 By George Morris

Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull is full of fancy footwork, but it doesn’t land many solid hits. Jack Lemmon deserves Tribute; The Competition is a winning film.

Grade F

Jan 1, 1981 By Gene Lyons

The Texas education Agency’s recent report on teacher competency doesn’t make the grade.

Dining Out
High Texana

Jan 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

Alan’s Texas Cafe in Austin is good eats with Alan; Don’s in Houston has Cajun food worth ragin’ about.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jan 1, 1981 By Paul Burka

Discount medicine needles doctors; open season on Democrats; meanwhile, back at Southfork; Dallas blacks are fed up—with busing.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Jan 1, 1981 By Susan Duffy

Rounding up rustlers in North Texas; shaping up mind and body at the Houstonian; chalking up a victory against infant deaths in the Valley.