April 1984


It’s a High-Tech Life

Apr 1, 1984 By davidkramer

While most people are using their computers to balance their checkbooks and play games, these three Texans are pushing their machines and programs to the limit.

Hi-Yo, Silicon!

Apr 1, 1984 By Texas Monthly

Texas’ glory, till now based on oil, may be based on silicon in years to come. The following four articles examine high tech in the state and where it is headed.

The Hub Cafe

Apr 1, 1984 By William Helmer

It wasn’t the classiest place in Pharr to grow up, but it had tough truckers, sassy waitresses, and some of the best try cooks in the Valley.


Alley of Aspirations

Apr 1, 1984 By W. L. Taitte

Houston’s well-heeled Alley Theatre is trying to pass itself off as a national theater. Across town, the Chocolate Bayou is just trying to hang on.

Light in the Hills

Apr 1, 1984 By Michael Ennis

German landscape artist Hermann Lungkwitz saw romantic vistas in the Hill Country at a time when most Texans saw only hardscrabble farmland.

Bait and Switch

Apr 1, 1984 By James Wolcott

Against All Odds promises love, delivers yawns. Entre Nous repels rather than attracts. Footloose and Reckless aren’t. This is Spinal Tap is painless.


State Secrets

Apr 1, 1984 By Paul Burka

Gary Hart’s rise hurts two Texas politicos; at last, a solution to the South Texas Nuclear Project mess; the all-new Braniff turns out to be the same old Braniff; a delicate question about doctors.