February 1986 Issue



A Caribbean Escape

From luxury class to no-plumbing primitive, the Technicolor tropics of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula offer end-of-the-world delights. And it’s practically in our back yard.

The 1986 Bum Steer Awards

A year of altered antlers, bunkum bars, cloddish coaches, defoliant diets, enervated elephants, filched flamingos, gunshot guitarists, haywire holidays, intoxicants’ incentives, jejune judges, kissing K-9’s, lousy lobster, and misdirected Michener.


Making Peace With Grandfather

The man I knew as Bompie had been a public figure, but my father had always seemed ashamed of what he had done to achieve his fame. Finally I found out why.



Classical Music

No-shows and Great Shows

The only excitement of the Dallas Opera season came from a couple of fortunate gambles, while the Houston Grand Opera triumphed by bringing Faust alive for contemporary audiences.


Rauschenberg Relics

In the current Rauschenberg exhibit at Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum the artist finds his first thirty years a tough act to follow.


Me Redford, You Streep

Out of Africa is lavishly done up but emotionally dehumidified; Young Sherlock Holmes is more Hardy Boys than Conan Doyle; Revolution is nothing but a megabucks disaster.




The Dallas Citizens Council has a new look, but it’s singing the same old tune.

State Secrets

State Secrets

Mark White’s insurance policy; not all semiconductor dumpers are Japanese; betting on a lottery; Tom Loeffler’s odd ads.

Back Roads

Back Roads

For a singing telegram with a little something extra, just call the Hip-O-Gram Girls.


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