November 1981


Power Plays

Nov 1, 1981 By Cyndy Severson and kentkirkley

Wait! Don’t buy that gas-slurping motorboat and energy-squandering food processor for Christmas. We modestly propose some thrifty alternatives.

Heavy Breathing

Nov 1, 1981 By Victoria Loe

Houston’s air may be a slow killer, but the state and the feds spend more time battling each other than fighting pollution.


Chucking the Piney Woods

Nov 1, 1981 By Suzanne Winckler

Some people look at the Piney Woods and see paper plates and two-by-fours; others see the last great stands of forest in Texas.

Dining Out
Bread and Circuses

Nov 1, 1981 By W. L. Taitte

At San Antonio’s Mi Tierra, you’ll see the rabble, the rich, and everyone in between, all feasting on Tex-Mex and homemade pan dulce.

The Cons Next Door

Nov 1, 1981 By Jim Atkinson

To unjam its prisons, Texas is moving convicted felons out of the big house and into a house on your block.

Running Dogs

Nov 1, 1981 By Jan Reid

Four hundred Texans breed and train an uncommon kind of livestock—greyhounds.

Jazz Rally

Nov 1, 1981 By Doug Ramsey

Recordings from the old pros prove the virtue of virtuosity.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Nov 1, 1981 By Peter Applebome

Mercedes crisis looms; farm computer biz booms; Mavericks’ potential zooms. Plus, regional brokerages take stock; black colleges get a shock.