June 2002


Even Cowgirls Get Their Due

May 31, 2002 By Anne Dingus

On June 7 the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame opens in - where else? - Cowtown. So saddle up and mosey on over to this tribute to such illustrious women of the West as Tad Lucas, Dale Evans, and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Lonesome Cowboy

May 31, 2002 By S. C. Gwynne

A businessman with the Western virtues of courage and self-reliance. An aloof aristocrat who bought his way into Republican politics. Who is the real David Dewhurst, and why are so many people so unenthusiastic about his campaign for lieutenant governor?

Round Two

May 31, 2002 By Paul Begala and Mark McKinnon

A year ago old friends Paul Begala and Mark McKinnon mixed it up in these pages over the president's job performance. Now the die-hard Democrat and the loyal Bushie are back for a rematch, wrestling with tax cuts, the war on terrorism, and more. And the winner is. . .

With Envy

May 31, 2002 By Skip Hollandsworth

Pat Green’s fans—and they are legion—love his songs about the joys of Luckenbach and Lone Star beer. His critics—also legion—think his lyrics are trite. But no matter how you feel about him, there’s no denying that he’s the hottest country music act in Texas. And that he has made the state cool again.

25 Top Custom Bootmakers

Jan 20, 2013 By Joe Nick Patoski

ABILENE James Leddy Boots 1602 N. Treadaway Boulevard 915-677-7811 The nephew of boot king M. L. Leddy is now royalty himself, and he runs a real family business: He does the cutting, his wife and daughter do the stitching, his son-in-law does bottoms, and his former daughter-in-law creates…

Boot Anatomy

Jan 20, 2013 By Joe Nick Patoski

Top The top, also known as the shaft, is the artist’s canvas: Here is where the most detail work is done (although, ironically, if you’re a man, the top stays hidden under your pants legs unless you’re riding or at a cowboy ball). Standard tops are twelve inches high, though…

Bootmaker at work
Alive and Kicking

Jan 20, 2013 By Joe Nick Patoski

Nothing advertises your Texas bona fides more these days than a pair of handmade cowboy boots. Here's everything you need to know about them - how to tell a vamp from a pull, which toe style is right with a suit - and where to buy the best.



May 31, 2002 By John Spong

Why have Americans fallen for Longhorns hoof, line, and sinker?

Mike Moses

May 31, 2002 By Evan Smith

Dallas schools superintendent Mike Moses makes progress—and more money than anyone else.

Around the State

Fine Art

May 31, 2002 By Chester Rosson

Holy Moses and More An exhibit of medieval religious frescoes from the Vatican Museums on display in . . . Lubbock? Let that sink in—like paint applied to wet plaster on a permanent wall. Wouldn’t you have to move the whole wall? Well, no, says the Reverend Malcolm Neyland, the…

Latino Culture

May 31, 2002 By Katy Vine

Having Their Say The 2000 U.S. census indicated that Hispanics make up 12.5 percent of the population, yet Hispanics make up only 2 percent of prime-time television characters, with stories spotlighting contemporary Mexican American families and neighborhoods remaining dreadfully few and far between. More and more, though, Texas audiences are…

Straight Talk

May 31, 2002 By Eileen Schwartz

Boys Will Be Girls Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz) will turn 77 on June 3, one day before the opening night of Some Like It Hot, a musical based on the 1959 Billy Wilder movie in which he co-starred with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. In this production Curtis will…

A Great Weekend in Fort Worth

May 31, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

Now Town Rest assured, there’s always plenty to see and do in Fort Worth. While mainstays like the Stockyards National Historic District and Sundance Square are sure to amuse, the weekend of June 7-9 promises to impress with charms of its own. On Friday head out to Maverick Stadium at…


Tuned In

May 31, 2002 By Gina Petrelli

At Bo Knows Southwest Grill in Winters, co-owner Marlene Gardner's art is on display. She hopes her leather angels speak to others as they speak to her.

Web Exclusive
Green’s Day

May 31, 2002 By Skip Hollandsworth

Executive editor Skip Hollandsworth talks about Pat Green and this month's cover story, "With Envy."

Pat's Pick
Primary Flavors

May 31, 2002 By Patricia Sharpe

Growing Their Own Wordsworth went gaga over his “host of golden daffodils.” Me, I dig herb gardens, especially the parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme cultivated by an array of restaurants across Texas. The Eastside Cafe in Austin (2113 Manor Road, 512-476-5858) is famous for its bountiful third-acre backyard garden of…

Happy Trails
Happy Trails

May 31, 2002 By Patricia McConnico

The Marble Falls area not only offers numerous lakes but also good restaurants and loads of fun.

Web Exclusive
Boys Will Be Girls

May 31, 2002 By Eileen Schwartz

Tony Curtis stars in a new version of Some Like It Hot, the musical based on the 1959 Billy Wilder movie. The show premieres in Houston.

Pat's Pick
On the Road

May 31, 2002 By Patricia Sharpe

Minimal to the Max “The only time we ever had to close early was when rain was blowing horizontally into the kitchen,” says Naylene Dillingham-Stolzer. That will happen when your kitchen is a concrete slab with a roof, a few propane burners, two refrigerators, and some prep tables. But scant…

Texas History 101
Texas History 101

May 31, 2002 By clarecunningham

Outstanding Texas cowgirls have been around for a long time—blazing the way for future generations.

Pat's Pick
Massimo Ristorante

May 31, 2002 By Patricia Sharpe

Massimo to the Max Massimo Pallottelli, the Roman chef who brought San Antonio its most authentic Italian restaurant, now has new digs that match the quality of his menu. Slickly dramatic, Massimo Ristorante Italiano uses every design trick in the book to seduce you: walls painted a deep, tawny gold;…


Prehistory Lesson

May 31, 2002 By Eileen Schwartz

Three sites near Del Rio with outstanding examples of rock art makes learning about ancient history fun for moms and dads. Kids too.

Together at Last

May 31, 2002 By Kathryn Jones

Compaq and Hewlett-Packard have completed the largest merger in the history of the technology industry, but is that good news for Houston and Texas?


May 31, 2002 By Brian D. Sweany

When general manager John Hart arrived in Arlington last November, he promised to turn the Texas Rangers into winners. Then the team got off to its worst start in history. Some things never change.

Food and Drink
Fallen Star

May 31, 2002 By Patricia Sharpe

Plenty of buzz and a distinctive menu couldn't keep Austin's Star Canyon from closing after just fourteen months. I didn't see it coming, but now I know one recipe for recipe for failure.

Fathers and Sins

Jan 20, 2013 By Jan Jarboe Russell

What happens to your belief in God when your son commits suicide after being molested by a priest? That's a question Nancy and Pat Lemberger have been struggling with for years.