February 1990 Issue



The Codependency Conspiracy

Codependency leaders preach that we are the victims of a psychological plague. It remains to be seen whether they are selling us a valuable insight or merely a bill of goods.


The $76 Million Divorce

The eldest son of Trammell Crow used his money for drugs, guns, and high living. His wife spent a fortune on personal trainers and self-promotion. Now they’re squaring off in an L.A. divorce court.


Lost in Space

Locked away in NASA’s storage vaults was some of the most glorious footage ever filmed. I thought turning it into a movie would be a snap. Ten years later I’ve revised my opinion.


The Price of Peace

With the cold war fading into history, Fort Worth’s General Dynamics now has to regard peace as not merely an ideal but an economic reality.


The Truth About Texas Beauty

She might have long legs, blond hair, and eyes as blue as a Panhandle sky. But a Texas woman isn’t really beautiful unless she works at it.


State Secrets

Darness at Noon

The day the lights (almost) went out in Texas; why Gib Lewis’ reelection is crucial for Democrats; more trouble in the supreme court.

Roar of the Crowd

Roar of the Crowd

Mapping the desert grandeur of Big Bend, pondering the problems at a Dallas high school, tearing down for moving up in a Houston neighborhood.



Chalk Talk

Horizontal drilling has not only hit pay dirt in South Texas-it has also revived oil-patch wheeling and dealing.

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