August 1993 Issue



Juke Joints

Since the fifties, they’ve been East Texas’ most colorful watering holes—bar none.


State Fare: Grilled Pacific Salmon With Soy-Wasabi Sauce

Spinning in its own distinctive orbit, Austin’s Mars has created a stylishly multicultural menu, with Middle Eastern, Pacific Rim, and Mediterranean cooking styles all getting their due. This grilled salmon in a velvety sauce punched up with Japanese horseradish demonstrates how the small, trendy restaurant makes culinary worlds collide. Owner


The Buying Game

Ikea appeals to twentysomethings who are beyond bricks and boards but not yet ready for a lifetime furniture commitment.


King Fish

One of the world’s magnificent game fish, tarpon are back in Texas waters. Can we keep them from disappearing again?

Mean Streets

Larry McMurtry rallies Lonesome Dove’s geriatric survivors for a last perilous, meandering adventure in Streets of Laredo.



Stink Big

The sour odor of calf chips from an Erath County feedlot has one family crying foul.

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