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Art |
September 30, 1993

Hoof in Mouth

The biggest brouhaha in Dallas isn’t about taxes, potholes, or garbage collection. It’s about seventy bronze steers.

Reporter |
August 31, 1993

Feats of Laredo

Trade with Mexico has made this onetime border pit stop Texas’ fastest-growing city.

Lifestyle |
April 1, 1993

Power Flower

Mother Nature made it impossible to grow azaleas in Dallas’ alkaline soil—unless you mulch with money.

The Issues |
February 1, 1993

Focus: Roe Redux

A look back at Roe v. Wade on its twentieth anniversary—and at the key players in Texas who made it happen.

Society |
December 1, 1992

Lady or Tiger?

Flamboyant philanthropist Wendy Reves showered her hometown with money for a makeover—but she wanted to run the show.

Law |
April 30, 1992

Courting Costs

When millionaire tennis star Martina Navratilova and her lover went to court, it was the lawyers who won.

Energy |
October 1, 1990

Power Switch

Are customers of the Comanche Peak nuclear plant better off with safety advocate Juanita Ellis on the inside or the outside?

True Crime |
August 1, 1990

A Soldier’s Secret

In the farming town of Whitewright, stolen tenth-century illuminated manuscripts and ivory reliquaries weren’t all that Joe Meador had to hide.

Business |
September 30, 1989

The Day Leroy Died

When a small private bank was closed on August 7, depositors lost all of their money, a pillar of the community came tumbling down, and the town’s trusting way of life was shattered.

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