October 1990 Issue

On the Cover

Meet the Governor

Revealing profiles of Ann Richards and Clayton Williams raise the question: How about none of the above?


Power Switch

Are customers of the Comanche Peak nuclear plant better off with safety advocate Juanita Ellis on the inside or the outside?

Around the State


State Fare: Mick Vann’s Tamale-Stuffed Game Hens

At Austin’s Majestic Diner, co-owner and chef Mick Vann gives the royal treatment to even the simplest entrée. Vann has been cooking for twenty years (the last seven at Clarksville Cafe in Austin), and he still has a knack for the unexpected: whole leaves of spinach in spanakopita and a


Table Manners

For my grandmother, offering food to hungry relatives meant much more than just serving another meal.


The Brain Trust

Computers will finally use commmon sense if an Austin high-tech team can make them think like people.

Domain Supplement



State of the Art

Rich Clarkson brings a new perspective to Texas A&M honor guards “humping it”—Aggies claim the peculiar crouch helps project yells—in game day usa, a survey of college football culture by 22 photographers, just issued by Kodak/Thomasson-Grant.

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