May 2013 Issue

Sand dunes at Boca Chica beach.
On the Cover

15 Best Spots on the Coast

From Boca Chica to Sabine Lake, the Texas coast is still home to pristine, natural, secluded spots where you can while away the summer far from the madding crowds. Come along as we explore the hidden beaches, bays, and trails that you always knew were out there.


Crash Test

Over the past two decades a movement to increase the importance of standardized testing in public schools has swept across the country. It was born in Texas. Is Texas also where it might die?


Darkness on the Plains

For decades, Stanley Marsh 3 was one of the most celebrated eccentrics in Texas. Then one Houston attorney set out to prove that he had a dark and terrible secret.


Editor's Letter

Revealing Secrets

I am not ashamed to say that after reading the first draft of this month’s cover story on the Texas coast, by the intrepid and thoughtful Dan Oko, I experienced a fleeting hesitation about publishing it at all. Perhaps we could call a last-minute audible and put Lance Armstrong



5 Things You’ll be Talking About in May

1. Independent WomanOn May 24, Twentieth Century Fox will release the computer-animated movie Epic, in which Beyoncé, arguably the biggest star of our time, will voice the role of Queen Tara, the empress of a microscopic kingdom. What could be more appropriate?Think about it. Over the past year or so,


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