December 1973 Issue



Dallas and Fort Worth boosters may have pushed their cities into the 21st century when they opened the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport this September.

Why Dallas?

When John Neely Bryan built his cabin he didn't know what would happen to Big D as it grew, or why it would happen. A. C. Greene searches through old photographs and records to give us the answer.


Opera Goes Public

The path to haute culture in Texas is regularly trodden by opera buffs in four cities. Although no La Scalia or Bayreuth, the opera companies of Texas are offering some unique and innovative productions.

The Gold Bugs

When inflation hits the international scene the gnomes of Zurich and the goldbugs start racing for the ingots. But how smart an investment is gold these days?

Behind the Lines

GOOD REPORTING SOMETIMES INVOLVES RISKS. Most people see the world outside their immediate vision through the eyes of the media, and much of the world contains people and situations that are unpleasant, distasteful, and downright dangerous. Wars fit in this category. So do murders. Becoming intimately involved in either can



Future-Shocking ExhibitionHouston’s Contemporary Arts museum takes the prize again for the new and different in experimental art. Beginning sometime in mid-December (the opening date had not been selected at press time) the museum will present the combined efforts of the futuristic-oriented Ant Farm, NASA, and the Texas Medical Center, in

Briar Patch

TEXAS ON THE POTOMACTHE TOSTADAS WERE (LET’S BE honest now) kind of stale, and the chile con queso was soggy, but, well what the hell, it sure was good to find some real Tex-Mex food.Purists could grumble if they wanted to and point out that the frijoles were little more

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