September 1985


The Final Gun

Aug 31, 1985 By Gary Cartwright

In a small East Texas town a black principal and a white coach loved the same woman. First came the gossip. Next came the strange letters. And then there was a murder.

Faces of the West

Aug 31, 1985 By richardavedon

A collection of black and white portraits that capture the powerful effects of the West upon its people, with an introduction by Larry McMurtry.

Roaming the Range

Aug 31, 1985 By Barbara Rodriguez

Follow that ribbon of highway to discover the breathtaking River Road, a beer-drinking goat, fabulous fajitas, and the ghostly cavalry of Fort Davis—all in the vast vacation resource known as West Texas.


Geranium Cream

Aug 31, 1985 By Texas Monthly

Recipe From Liberty Bar, San Antonio Serve alone as a dessert with blackberry sauce, or with pancakes or French toast for brunch. 3/4 lb butter 3 lbs cream cheese 1 cup sugar 2 cup whipping cream 2 oz rose geranium leaves Slice butter and cream cheese…

Web Exclusive
On the Menu: Liberty Bar

Aug 31, 1985 By Helen Thompson

SAN ANTONIO’S LIBERTY BAR is a landmark for many reasons: it has been in continuous operation since 1890 and the building has been owned by the same family for just as long. But also the Liberty Bar has a certain status as one of the world’s “leaning“ landmarks, perhaps eclipsed…


Restless Itch

Aug 31, 1985 By James Wolcott

Songwriter is like a great party; Kiss of the Spider Woman doesn’t connect; Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome runs out of gas; Key Exchange is too cute; Disney’s Black Cauldron isn’t for kids.

Swinging With Zoot

Aug 31, 1985 By Doug Ramsey

From the moment tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims sounded his first note to just before his death four decades later, he performed with irresistible spirit and intensity.



Aug 31, 1985 By Jim Atkinson

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer with a million-dollar idea or a homeowner with a yen to remodel. You can’t bend any rule at all without approval from the Board of Adjustment.

State Secrets
State Secrets

Aug 31, 1985 By Paul Burka

Looking for a place to go in Galveston; Coastal’s pension pipeline; John Hill for the defense; fallout from the East Texas congressional race.

Back Roads
Back Roads

Aug 31, 1985 By Peter Applebone

Skinner Brown, a 63-year-old farmer and business man, was a pillar of his small-town society until he was busted for possessing $12 million worth of marijuana.