June 1991


Voices From The Dark

May 31, 1991 By Joe Holley

Before Dawn was caught in the terrifying grip of schizophrenia, she had been a talented jazz singer. Now her son-in-law tells her story of no place to go.

Peach Dreams

May 31, 1991 By Chester Rosson

Summertime is warm-and-fuzzy season for fans of Texas’ favorite fruit.


State Wide Business
Ranching Out

May 31, 1991 By John Anderson

On the Y.O. Ranch, cattle don’t pay the bills—tourists and exotic animals do.


Animal House

May 31, 1991 By Marion Winik

At a Central Texas facility, researchers show lab-raised chimps things their mothers never taught them.

Dough Boy

May 31, 1991 By sallygiddens

Since the publication of Paul Pilzer’s book Unlimited Wealth, the Dallas economist’s career-and ego-are on the rise.


Border Guard

May 31, 1991 By Joe Nick Patoski

El Paso’s number one health official keeps watch over both sides of the Rio Grande.


Key Lime Pie

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

6 egg yolks 5/8 cup sugar 5 ounces Key lime juice Zest of two limes 32 ounces Rich’s Whip Topping (see below) 1 1/2 packets graham crackers, crushed 3 tablespoons crushed toasted walnuts 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds 3 tablespoons sugar…