January 1979 Issue



This is Woodrow Wilson: A School That Works

It’s an inner-city school where discipline isn’t a problem and the students learn. It doesn’t have special programs, classes, or grants that set it apart from other schools. What makes the difference?


Six Crises

It will be up to the 66th Legislature to solve these problems, and we’ll have to live with the solutions.


In Search of La Salle

The riddle of the French explorer lies buried beneath the Gulf of Mexico, but what is it, where is it, and why, oh why, are we looking for it?


Dining In

Coup de Foie Gras

French chefs are revolting against classical cuisine, and some of their new creations are definitely revolting.

Classical Music

Conductor Dating

San Antonio Symphony audiences are ready for another rendezvous with François Huybrechts.


A Chance of Face

At last the truth about beauty salon make-overs: the new you may not be a change for the better.


State Secrets

State Secrets

Pop a cork for Château UT; Fort Worth wins American Airlines from New York and “loses” it to Dallas; will Dallas’ law firms catch Houstonitis?



Texas Monthly Reporter

Taking it off at the last of the real burlesque joints; holy war on Austin’s Baptists; why Texas’ election system is stuck in the Dark Ages.

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