January 2016


False Impressions

Dec 23, 2015 By Michael Hall

How the once troubled Texas Forensic Science Commission put the state at the forefront of the criminal justice reform movement.

True Crime
Just Desserts

Dec 23, 2015 By Katy Vine

Sandy Jenkins was a quiet accountant at the Collin Street Bakery who felt overlooked and dreamed of living the good life. He found it (for a while) by embezzling nearly $17 million from the famed fruitcake maker.



The Texanist

Dec 23, 2015 By David Courtney

Our advice columnist muses on the seeming futility of horse apples, the finer points of knives, the downside of going vegetarian, and whether it’s possible to love a Willie-hater.



Chronic Wasting Unease

Dec 23, 2015 By Brantley Hargrove

Texas wildlife officials say they’re just trying to stop the spread of a deadly infection. Deer breeders see another agenda at work.

How J. Frank Dobie Got His Groove Back

Dec 23, 2015 By Jeff Salamon

In 1975 the estate of J. Frank Dobie (1888–1964) established an endowment that would allow the University of Texas Press to keep his books in print for decades to come. Forty years later, the arrangement is still in place, and the press annually sells thousands of copies of…