December 2008


He Saw the Light

Dec 1, 2008 By Jordan Breal

Wyman Meinzer takes the most amazing pictures of Texas skies you’ve ever seen. Here are seven unforgettable shots from his new book.

The Fugitive

Dec 1, 2008 By Skip Hollandsworth

Friends and family knew Deborah Murphey as a mild-mannered nurse and a loving wife and mother. Then a U.S. marshal knocked on her door.

Before and After

Jan 20, 2013 By Karen Olsson

For some residents of Mount Pleasant, the April 16 immigration raid on the local chicken plant was no more than a segment on the evening news. For others, including many legal residents of the tiny East Texas town, it was the moment everything changed.

19 Honorable Mentions

Jan 20, 2013 By Texas Monthly

Angleton | pop. 18,640 Hometown Cafe Catfish dredged in just the right amount of cornmeal served on tables fashioned from tire-tread-embossed sheet metal. 979-849-2809 Center Point | pop. 3,766 Vicki’s Burger Barn Be sure to say hi to Vicki, who started off…

The Regulars

Jan 20, 2013 By Pamela Colloff

  ANN DICKENSON, 61 TEACHER’S AIDE Eats at: Donald Citrano’s Coffee Shop Cafe, McGregor “We go to the Coffee Shop Cafe every Friday and Saturday night. They always reserve a table for us, so we call if we’re not coming. It’s always the…


Texquisite Corpse
Twin Wells

Dec 1, 2008 By Elmer Kelton

The final chapter of “Twin Wells,” by Elmer Kelton.

Author Interview
Jeff  Guinn

Dec 1, 2008 By Mike Shea

At 735 pages, The Christmas Chronicles might inspire a deeply felt ho-ho-ho-hum from the Santa-averse. But don’t shun these three newly compiled “as told to” Yule novels from the Fort Worth author (The Autobiography of Santa Claus, How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas, and The Great Santa Search). With their…

Anthony Mack, Letter Carrier

Dec 1, 2008 By Texas Monthly

Mack was born and raised in Galveston, where he has been a U.S. Postal Service employee for 28 years. As the local union president, he helped coordinate letter carriers’ efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. To be honest with you, I never believed in my wildest dreams that I’d…

Book Review
Mission: Black List #1

Dec 1, 2008 By Mike Shea

Before his 2003 deployment to Iraq, Army staff sergeant and San Antonio resident Eric Maddox was a military interrogator with virtually no field experience in his area of expertise. Mission: Black List #1, written with Davin Seay, tells the story of his on-the-job training in Tikrit, where…

Book Review
The Messenger

Dec 1, 2008 By Mike Shea

Ghosts, cemetery dogs, and immortals populate The Messenger, a supernatural thriller from mystery writer Jan Burke, a Houston native best known for her award-winning series starring flesh-and-blood reporter Irene Kelly. The Messenger features Tyler Hawthorne, whose 2008 Los Angeles mailing address belies his 1815 service as a…

Artist Interview
Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis

Dec 1, 2008 By Jeff McCord

Austin’s favorite musical couple have separate careers: He’s just released The New World, and after recording Translated From Love, in 2007, she’s now taking a hiatus to focus on their four children. Yet they join forces every year to play a series of holiday shows in cities across…

Music Review
Hommage á Nesuhi

Dec 1, 2008 By Jeff McCord

In 1955 Nesuhi Ertegun joined his brother, Ahmet, and producer Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Records to form one of the greatest triumvirates the music business has ever seen. Ahmet and Wexler were already known for their R&B successes; Nesuhi was brought on to give jazz a real foothold at…

Music Review
The Soul of Rock and Roll

Dec 1, 2008 By Jeff McCord

The Soul of Rock and Roll (Monument/Orbison/Legacy) marks the first comprehensive collection of Roy Orbison’s career, and hearing the Vernon native’s work in sequence over four CDs is eye-opening. His operatic High Plains voice shines through the early bare-bones, amphetamine-paced sessions with Norman Petty and Sam Phillips.

Mark Seliger

Dec 1, 2008 By Evan Smith

“I always approach it as if I’m going to take the picture and, for whatever reason, that’s it. There won’t be another chance.”


Editor's Letter
In With the New

Dec 1, 2008 By Evan Smith

Let me say a few words about the modern world, the last on the subject—or any subject—that I expect to be writing in this space in the foreseeable future. For nearly 36 years, the editor of Texas Monthly had one job. Our founding editor, Bill Broyles, presided over the publication…

Roar of the Crowd
Dazed and Confused

Dec 1, 2008 By Texas Monthly

I know it’s easy to get wrapped up in Matthew McConaughey’s dreamy eyes and pearly whites, but another cover story for this guy [“Dude!” October 2008]? What did he do this time, make another bad movie? Look, as a fellow Texan on the West Coast, I appreciate his…


Sarah Bird
The Goodbye Boy

Dec 1, 2008 By Sarah Bird

My only son is leaving for college, and I’m weeping through Mamma Mia! Lord help me.

Letter From Austin
The Unusual Suspects

Dec 1, 2008 By Pamela Colloff

The arson of the Governor’s Mansion in June was as mystifying as it was heartbreaking. Could Austin anarchists have been to blame?