June 1987 Issue



State Secrets

State Secrets

Poor school districts strike it rich; nursing homes want more money too; the savings and loans aren’t banking on Bill Clements; a veto for political buttons.

From the harsh landscape of the Permian Basin, whose residents find their faith in free enterprise tested by hard times; to the subtropical city of San Antonio, whose Hispanic citizens have gone gaga over Goyo-Goyo; into deepest South Texas, where the old times of the Parr machine are not forgotten.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Texas oil patchers bounce back; Houston artist Staley paints the art crowd; goat-gland genius Brinkley’s mansion casts its quirky spell. Plus: Caroline Schoellkopf’s marital woes, Tammy Faye Bakker’s impersonators, and Nancy Negley Wellin’s prodigal daughter.



Extreme Imitation

Extreme Prejudice trips over its bloody missteps; Heaven climbs a staircase to the stars; Prick Up Your Ears delivers crisp witticisms and cruisy pickups; Ishtar completely lacks l’amour.


Good Vibes

Vibraharpist Charlie Shoemake keeps so busy in L.A. that he seldom strays back to his home state. Fortunately, we can hear him on new recordings.


New Kid on the Block

The Menil Collection has received so much attention that its opening this month may seem anticlimactic. The only unknown is what the director plans to do with it all.

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