May 1979


Making It

Apr 30, 1979 By Michael Ennis

Six Texas artisans are busy putting the craft back in craftsmanship.


Classical Music
A Fright At The Opera

Apr 30, 1979 By W. L. Taitte

Houston Grand Opera took the sugar out of La Traviata. Fort Worth Symphony’s John Giordano does modern music Rite.

In the Beginning

Apr 30, 1979 By William Martin

We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing; we chasten and hasten to tell you all about it.

Teachers’ Threat

Apr 30, 1979 By Gene Lyons

A professional educator flunks the test. He asks all the wrong questions and gives the wrong answers.

Popular Music
Say Uncle

Apr 30, 1979 By Joe Nick Patoski

You may have to bar hop to find Austin’s best-kept musical secret-Uncle Walt’s Band. And, presenting the annual Buddy magazine music awards, sealed with a kiss.

Adults Only

Apr 30, 1979 By George Morris

The Innocent isn’t really for innocents. Hair isn’t really for anybody.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Apr 30, 1979 By John Bloom

Playing chicken on the Houston Ship Channel; jousting with 700-year-old knights; will John Hill run for governor again?