June 1974


Rating the Major Dailies

May 31, 1974 By Texas Monthly

Choosing the best features of Texas newspapers is a thankless job, hard on the spirit, and difficult for all the wrong reasons.

Deadline in Dallas

May 31, 1974 By Griffin Smith Jr.

One Dallas paper clings tightly to tradition while the other, with a new editor, looks for something to cling to of its own.


Katie at the Bat

May 31, 1974 By Paul Burka

Women’s college sports, after years of atrophy, are getting more attention, but the same amount of financial support—almost none.

The Adipose Tissue Issue

May 31, 1974 By Roger Williams

There’s a mechanism in the brain that’s supposed to keep you from getting fat. The only problem is you have to eat right and exercise to make it work.

Children's Corner
Games Small People Play

May 31, 1974 By Prudence Mackintosh

The games of yesterday are the memories of today. Here are a few bits and pieces on how to help your own child store up some memories.