December 1980


I, Claus

Dec 1, 1980 By Lawrence Wright

Better not shout, cry, or pout, ‘cause we’re telling you why, after all these years, Santa Claus is still coming to town.

Out Of Control

Dec 1, 1980 By Victoria Loe

We’ve got inadequate airports, jam-packed airspace, and antiquated traffic control system, and inept federal overseers. Is air safety just pie in the sky?


State Secrets

Dec 1, 1980 By Paul Burka

What’s in store for ‘88; riding Reagan’s coattails; welcome to the great El Paso gold rush; Yankee lawyers invade Dallas.


Medicine Men

Dec 1, 1980 By Michael Ennis

From pig pancreas pills to pyramid power ice trays, the cure-alls of these unorthodox healers are aimed at getting you back on the right wavelength.

High Gloss

Dec 1, 1980 By Stephen Harrigan

Laura Furman handles The Glass House with a little too much care; Elmer Kelton’s novels take you way out West; a new filed guide digs into Texas’ past; Hearts will win yours.

The Shadow Warrior

Dec 1, 1980 By George Morris

Sword-wielding samurai clash in Kagemusha, Akira Kurosawa’s rousing saga of clan wars in sixteenth-century Japan. The Stunt Man goes out on a limb—and falls off. It’s My Turn is a feminist film that’s funny.