January 1983


The Grand Tour

Jan 1, 1983 By Alison Cook

Houston’s the ticket to a trip around the world. In that one city you can now eat, shop, drink and dance across the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

God’s Happy Hour

Jan 1, 1983 By Dick Reavis

Every year communities scattered across Texas hold wet-dry elections. Each one pits the forces of fundamentalism against the forces of realism. This is the story of one such election.

Bum Steer Awards 1983

Jan 1, 1983 By Texas Monthly

Presenting blazing barbecue, bumbling Bush, blaspheming Baptists, and 118 more of the best of the worst of Texas.


Nolo Contendere

Jan 1, 1983 By James Wolcott

Paul Newman stars as an existential ambulance chaser in The Verdict, a dismal study of law and disorder. Best Friends will alienate you; Heartaches will make you feel good. 48 Hrs. is dirty talk and deja vu.

A Home Away from Home

Jan 1, 1983 By David Seeley

Thanks to indulgent parents, many of today’s wealthy kids are disdaining dorms for UT-area condos - and forfeiting what may be the best part of a college education.

A Monumental Man

Jan 1, 1983 By Paul Burka

In The Path to Power Robert Caro brings the Texas of the twenties and thirties to hot, scrubby life, but tries to fit the young Lyndon Johnson into a prefabricated and constricting mold.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Jan 1, 1983 By Paul Burka

One giant step for wives; one small step for John Glenn; why oilmen will never rule the world; why the new Texas congressmen won’t either.


Texas Monthly Reporter

Jan 1, 1983 By Peter Applebome

Two newspapers in search of nothing in particular; a fish story with a happy ending; an eleven-letter word for “crossword puzzle whiz”; the cutting edge of Corpus Christi’s minority politics.