May 1988


Dying for a Heart

Apr 30, 1988 By Cathy Schechter

For Ted Segal of Waco, the problem wasn’t getting a heart transplant; it was finding a donor. The delay was killing him.

Don’t Even Ask!

Apr 30, 1988 By Jerry Jeanmard

Why is it that your favorite item in every antique store is bound to be the one thing that money can’t buy?

Earth, Rain, Wind, Fire

Apr 30, 1988 By Elmer Kelton

A wet year followed by a dry one made for one hellacious brush with disaster in the ranchlands of West Texas.


Paying the Price

Apr 30, 1988 By cliffordendres

When Decherd Turner took over the Humanities Research Center, UT’s big-budget rare-books library, he knew any changes he made would cost him. They did.

Border Bandstand

Apr 30, 1988 By Bill Crawford

Tex-Mex variety is the new spice of TV life, and Brownsville’s Johnny Canales Show has the red-hot ratings to prove it.


State Secrets
State Secrets

Apr 30, 1988 By Texas Monthly

The hated mesquite tree finds a friend in South Texas; UT-San Antonio freshman got no learning of reading and writing; the sun shines on UT’s new basket ball coach; why banks are afraid to branch.

Roar of the Crowd
Roar of the Crowd

Apr 30, 1988 By Texas Monthly

Going broke; seeking justice; hearing from the Bush league; reviewing the force.


Funky Chickens

Apr 30, 1988 By Alison Cook

The prairie chickens in Texas’ vanishing grasslands are booming and boyish.