April 1982 Issue



State Secrets

State Secrets

The New Federalism gets the old raspberry; will Jim Baker run the country or the bank?; a political test for Texas labor; a law Houston’s new police chief would love to break.



Texas Monthly Reporter

The countdown begins in the Dallas newspaper fight; Victor Garza is going your way--if you’re going to Laredo; one of Houston’s legal monoliths cracks; Clements has a lukewarm record, but the Democratic challengers aren’t so hot, either.



Border Machismo

Jack Nicholson is looking for his angel of redemption in The Border. In Personal Best, Victor/Victoria, and Making Love, everyone is looking for anyone but a member of the opposite sex.


Jazz Mastered

The greatness of Paul Desmond, the staying power of Art Blakey, the de-fusion of Stan Gertz--all these are on record, and more.


A Flourishing Bride Of Christ

El Paso’s Ysleta Mission, the oldest church in Texas, is also one of the liveliest; what Houston Christian Scientists lack in testimonial passion they make up for in self-possession.

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