April 1982 Issue

On the Cover

How Farrah Fawcett Changed the World

It was simple, really. With Charlie’s Angels, television discovered sex.


The Architects

Welcome to Houston, the cutting edge of architecture. The local boys are turning a gentlemen’s profession into a business, the stylish out-of-towners are creating a new aesthetic, and neither group is filled with admiration for the other.

Around the State



Border Machismo

Jack Nicholson is looking for his angel of redemption in The Border. In Personal Best, Victor/Victoria, and Making Love, everyone is looking for anyone but a member of the opposite sex.


Jazz Mastered

The greatness of Paul Desmond, the staying power of Art Blakey, the de-fusion of Stan Gertz--all these are on record, and more.


A Flourishing Bride Of Christ

El Paso’s Ysleta Mission, the oldest church in Texas, is also one of the liveliest; what Houston Christian Scientists lack in testimonial passion they make up for in self-possession.



Texas Monthly Reporter

The countdown begins in the Dallas newspaper fight; Victor Garza is going your way--if you’re going to Laredo; one of Houston’s legal monoliths cracks; Clements has a lukewarm record, but the Democratic challengers aren’t so hot, either.


State Secrets

State Secrets

The New Federalism gets the old raspberry; will Jim Baker run the country or the bank?; a political test for Texas labor; a law Houston’s new police chief would love to break.

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