April 1975




The Way We Weren’t

Mar 31, 1975 By Mitch Green

Washington-on-the-Brazos is a little run-down for a Texas shrine; but then, it was run-down in 1836 too.

Three for the Show

Mar 31, 1975 By W. L. Taitte

Fort Worth’s art museums are a bigger attraction than the stockyards and, what’s more, most art doesn’t smell.

This‘ll Be the Day

Mar 31, 1975 By Gregory Curtis

In Lubbock Buddy Holly was just a skinny kid with glasses, but to rock-and-roll fans he was—and is—a whole lot more.

Sold Arabian

Mar 31, 1975 By The Customer's Man

The Alamo was only the first step in the Arabs’ attempted takeover of what’s sacred to us Texans. The Customer’s Man

Dining Out
Road Hogs

Mar 31, 1975 By Pat Perini

Found at last! Highway cuisine to save you from Stuckey’s.


Laredo: Fuel’s Paradise

Mar 31, 1975 By Richard West

Everybody in Laredo is being excessively kind to Tony Sanchez, Sr., these days, quite a change from several years ago when Sanchez took in ten to twelve thousand a year selling office supply furniture and trading oil and gas leases on the side to help make ends meet. Kindest of…