December 2013 Issue

On the Cover

The Food Issue

We are what we eat, and everything we eat has a story.


Bowl of Dread

I was aghast when chili was first anointed our official state dish. More than 35 years later, my feelings about this greasy mush haven't changed.

Let’s Eat

Treasured recipes—and the stories behind them—from our staff.


Bar None

Houston’s Market Square is one of the state’s most historical spots. Lately it’s also one of the hippest places in the country to get a drink.

Mole Poblano

Making this complex sauce is the most delicious meditative experience you’ll ever have.


Food, Glorious Food

Were it not for the fact that it looked a little weird on the cover, I would’ve insisted that we call this a food issue, not the food issue. Magazines are always putting out what they call “the Food Issue,” and this is precisely what we set out to do six


Five Things You’ll Be Talking About in December

1. Romo AgonistesYou remember Danny White, don’t you? He had the misfortune to replace Roger Staubach as the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback after the beloved number 12 retired with two Super Bowl victories. Though White broke numerous Cowboys records—for passing yards in a season, for touchdown passes in a season, for

Quesada, Sera

The founder of the Grammy-winning Grupo Fantasma is striking out on his own. For his next act, will he remake Latin music again?

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