February 1987 Issue



The Nuevo Frontier

On a map the border between Texas and Mexico is a precise demarcation. In the real world the border is a country all its own.


State Secrets

State Secrets

A winning ticket for the lottery; the oil bust is a boon for parks; doom and gloom at the Legislature; an early test for Jim Wright.

The Quidnunc

The Quidnunc

Hunting down ZZ Top imposters; staying dry with party-giver Frances Billups; test-driving fine art in Beaumont.



Texas Monthly Reporter

The City That Works isn’t working like it used to. Plus Amazing Cars of Texas #2, revolutionary folk art, and Topic A—what everybody can’t stop talking about.


The Apple Version

Walt Disney, Howard Johnson, and Margery Post Merriweather have one thing in common: they’re all trapped inside Max Apple’s new novel.

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