February 1987


Madonna of the Maquiladora

Feb 1, 1987 By Mimi Swartz

While U.S. businessmen and Mexican bureaucrats see her as the answer to their economic prayers, factory worker Graciela Fernandez just tries to get by—on about 66 cents an hour.

The Last of the Border Lords

Feb 1, 1987 By Dick Reavis

In his dream to create a dynastic empire along the Rio Grande, Chito Longoria went against the wishes of his family and the values of his native land.

The Nuevo Frontier

Feb 1, 1987 By Texas Monthly

On a map the border between Texas and Mexico is a precise demarcation. In the real world the border is a country all its own.

Saul Steinberg and Anne Bass (right) during Dinner with DV Gala Tribute to Diana Vreeland at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York on December 7, 1987.
The Empress of Fort Worth

Feb 1, 1987 By John Davidson

Anne Bass married one of the richest men in America. With his money and her ambition she became an important cultural force in Fort Worth and New York. Life was perfect. Then her husband left her.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Feb 1, 1987 By Kathy Lowry

Will deprivation, humiliation, and confrontation lead the way to a better, more confident you? A new self-help craze sweeping Texas wants you to think so.

The Prophets

Feb 1, 1987 By Tina Rosenberg

The border’s self-appointed problem solvers promise new industry, more jobs, and better schools. So why won’t anyone listen to them?


State Secrets
State Secrets

Feb 1, 1987 By Texas Monthly

A winning ticket for the lottery; the oil bust is a boon for parks; doom and gloom at the Legislature; an early test for Jim Wright.

The Quidnunc
The Quidnunc

Feb 1, 1987 By Mark Seal

Hunting down ZZ Top imposters; staying dry with party-giver Frances Billups; test-driving fine art in Beaumont.


The Apple Version

Feb 1, 1987 By Jan Reid

Walt Disney, Howard Johnson, and Margery Post Merriweather have one thing in common: they’re all trapped inside Max Apple’s new novel.

Popular Music
You Can’t Get There From Here

Feb 1, 1987 By Jody Denberg

From Houston’s Miss Molly to San Antonio’s Claude Morgan, Texas is full of local music heroes. Does their road to success have to pass through Austin?


Texas Monthly Reporter

Feb 1, 1987 By Alison Cook

The City That Works isn’t working like it used to. Plus Amazing Cars of Texas #2, revolutionary folk art, and Topic A—what everybody can’t stop talking about.