February 2015


The Reformer

Jan 9, 2015 By Michael Hall

Texas’s criminal justice system has seen some staggering changes in the past decade. Thank Cathy Cochran. 


Justice Was Overserved

Jan 9, 2015 By Rich Malley

After DWI charges against Justice Nora Longoria, of the Thirteenth Court of Appeals, were dismissed, outraged Hidalgo County Republicans pointed out that Longoria and the district attorney and district court judge who decided to let her off are all Democrats—and a police dash-cam video that showed her bombing her field sobriety test went viral.


The Fight of His Life

Jan 14, 2015 By Jeff Miller

Half a century ago, Terry Daniels was an SMU undergrad majoring in political science who had taken an interest in boxing. Then he found himself in the ring with the heavyweight champion of the world.

The Texanist

Jan 14, 2015 By David Courtney

Our estimable advice columnist on buildin’ a fire pit, dressin’ like an oilman, plannin’ a destination wedding (or not), and lettin’ go of a non-barbecue-lovin’ woman.  


What the Hay?

Jan 14, 2015 By Patricia Sharpe

Yes, a key ingredient at Austin’s Gardner usually comes in the form of a bale. But you wouldn’t want to squander these astonishing dishes on a horse.