A hummingbird that had flown off course on its migration south was taken by airplane from Minnesota to Texas, where it was released into the wild. A Woodlands house with a three-story closet was put on the market for $12.9 million.

•Fathers at Lakewood Elementary School raised money to buy a car for the longtime crossing guard, whose vehicle had been repossessed following his wife’s costly illness.

•A dog that went missing in the Netherlands months earlier was found near Katy and returned to its owner.

•An Odessa oil field worker posted a Craigs-list ad searching for a homeless woman under the age of 25 who would be interested in living with him and, among other things, cooking, cleaning, playing video games, and engaging in “bedroom fun.”

•Two Houston teenagers were arrested after trying to steal a car but first demanding that the owner show them how to operate a stick shift.

•Texas was ranked the twentieth-most-braggadocious state by the travel app HeyLets.

•After a turkey smashed through the windshield of a big rig passing outside Abilene on Thanksgiving Day, the driver gave the bird to a nearby family for that evening’s dinner.

•An Austin man claimed that the face of Jesus could be seen in the burn mark of a tortilla