Jeremy, a thirty-year-old tortoise with a cult following, was reported missing by his owners in Waller—who noted that he was wearing an Apple AirTag that was in “lost mode”—and was found the following day.

A woman sued a McAllen Mexican restaurant that she says sold her a to-go bag of frijoles that split open, spilling the hot beans and burning her lower abdomen.

Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller posted a viral TikTok video in which she posed as a hostess at a San Antonio Cracker Barrel, calling it her “dream job.”

The promise of a six-pack of beer and $100 helped persuade eleven residents of Parker County, west of Fort Worth, to assist in freeing a six-month-old pig, Pojo, from acres of thorny brush.

A 41-year-old North Texas woman completed a four-year journey to see all 89 Texas state parks when she visited Franklin Mountains State Park.

A Fort Worth nursing home resident, angry about the short pour he got during a happy hour, was accused of kicking and scratching a pregnant staffer and throwing a drink at her.

Federal prosecutors accused an El Paso man of trying to scam George Santos by claiming he could make the disgraced then congressman’s criminal charges “disappear in exchange for large sums of money.”

Two Dallas men were charged with stealing almost $20,000 worth of calculators from seven Minnesota Target stores in a single day.   

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