A 106-year-old World War II veteran beat his own record as the oldest person to tandem skydive when he jumped out of a plane over Fentress—and was joined in the endeavor by Governor Greg Abbott.

Someone allegedly stole a city-owned wildlife camera in Live Oak without realizing it was still sending photos to the police, who identified the man from images of him sitting half-naked in bed and promptly arrested him.

The City of San Antonio offered residents H-E-B gift cards, ranging in value from $50 to $300, in exchange for each gun they surrendered, though the drive-through exchange set a strict limit of twenty weapons per vehicle.

University of Texas at Austin quarterback Quinn Ewers dedicated the team’s win against Oklahoma State University to “Bevo’s cousin” after a dead longhorn with an expletive carved into its side was discovered on the front lawn of an OSU frat house the day before the game.

A Polish man competing in an aerial-balloon race suffered extreme burns and broken legs when his balloon crashed into the ground, but after receiving last rites in a Dallas hospital, he rallied and returned to his native country nearly eight weeks later.

A man fishing in Houston discovered a bottle floating on the San Jacinto River that contained a penny and a message written on a piece of paper, and he managed to contact the stranger who, 38 years prior, at the age of nine, wrote, “This is a coin that is for who ever finds it. You will be blessed by God forever.”  

This article originally appeared in the February 2024 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “Meanwhile, in Texas.” Subscribe today.