At the end of the first quarter of Texas Tech’s Battle for the Saddle game against Texas Christian University, a possum ran across the artificial turf before being dragged off and safely released, though only after receiving a calming stroke along its back courtesy of Tech president Lawrence Schovanec.

Tomball’s police and fire departments were called in when two bald eagles in a family’s front yard were unable to fly away because their talons got tangled while they were fighting over a scrap of food.

A motor­cyclist in Lufkin was involved in a collision with an eighteen-wheeler and survived punctured lungs and multiple broken bones—mere minutes
after he’d saved the life of a man having a seizure in a Cracker Barrel.

During the American League Championship Series, a Korean pop group performing in Dallas failed in its attempt to pay tribute to the Texas Rangers by mistakenly wearing jerseys promoting Scottish soccer’s Glasgow Rangers.

Harris County deputy constables pulled over a Cadillac on U.S. 290 and found more than $1,000 worth of meat that allegedly had been stolen from four local supermarkets.

Houston Texans quarterback C. J. Stroud set the NFL rookie record for most passing yards thrown in a single game and topped it off with a game-winning touchdown drive to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 39–37.

An El Paso County man charged with theft was freed on bond after promising not to commit any more crimes, then, upon leaving the jail, allegedly climbed onto a police car, shattered the windshield with his feet, ran off, and was arrested again.

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