May 1983 Issue


The Bar Bar

It’s a noble institution, especially if you can master all its subtle skills: not being there, the second call, holding forth, and another thing...


State Secrets

State Secrets

TV’s path to riches for Robert Caro’s The Path to Power; a big Texas howdy to PCBs; Reagan and Castro’s map wars; another prison reform idea turns sour.



Texas Monthly Reporter

Taking stock of the Dallas mayoral election; defrocking the Legislature’s worst bills; buying stocks in the Trans-Pecos; unlocking the mysteries of the Arklatex; rocking the boat in Odessa.



Double Jeopardy

What’s Exposed is the worlds of fashion and terrorism and the curves of Nastassia Kinski. Blue Thunder is nothing but noise; Tender Mercies, on the other hand, is practically a silent.


Man Over Mortarboard

Some colleges help seniors with placement. Others settle for career counseling. For liberal arts majors, the difference is getting a job.

Classical Music

Happy Birthday, Franz and Igor

Both Haydn and Stravinsky marked special anniversaries last year, but music lovers got the presents: a shower of fresh new versions of their works.

A Monument to Making It

It’s a Xanadu of condos, restaurants, gardens, and gyms, a high-tech haven that can outritz nearby Dallas. It’s Las Colinas, a home for corporations that appreciate the finer things in life.

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